- Here, at POWER OF TWO, we are professional corporate services providers supporting individual entrepreneurs, cross border corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises to go global by setting up a company in United Arab Emirates.
success rate in setting up company
success rate in opening bank accounts
corporate and 2000+ personal accounts successfully opened
cases are solved during the last 3 years
As many firms face difficulties when navigating in an unfamiliar and ever-changing regulatory environment as they extend their business across borders, our Team’s major goal is to become a reliable in-house partner to assist our clients in managing their day-to-day administrative tasks, which are frequently repetitive and time-consuming.

At POWER OF TWO, we provide professional assistance to individual entrepreneurs, cross-border corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises to go global by setting up a company in the United Arab Emirates.

Our clients are provided with ongoing support on almost all corporate aspects that they require to increase the value of their company, allowing them to focus on what they do best.
About us
While offering a range of corporate services, including company formation & bank account opening, immigration support & compliance maintenance solutions, we guarantee our clients highest level of confidentiality, reliability, and professionalism so they can concentrate on managing operations and growing their business, while ensuring their statutory and regulatory obligations are handled responsibly.

Fast track
Prompt performance of professional services
Clients’ data are properly archived and kept in confidentiality
Detailed instructions on using internet banking with any bank in the UAE is provided
Support in dealing with the bank after opening an account for the better relationship maintenance is guaranteed
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